July 20, 2015

Engine House D.

That grey day at the beginning of march took my friend Nordgriller Urban Exploration and myself not only to the train control station at the former border, but also led us to a place where we hoped to gain access to a nice little neo-gothic mansion.
Unfortunately, not only weren't the weather gods in our favor, but neither were the neighbors. The only possible access route to the place seemed to be either right from the front or through a small path that led right along the porch of a neighbor's house, and this neighbor was outside watching the entire time. So we skipped this endeavor and were on our way back when we discovered a little place n the middle of the village.

The interesting thing about the estate that this building is on (and that later became the village is) that it was the first in the region at the time, which had its own electricity, irrigation and drainage for the entire village.
On one side of the building you can see big insulators, therefore it can be assumed that this was the power station and housed a steam engine and / or generator.
Because of the rain there is no outdoor photos.
The interiors are very sparse, since the power station has apparently been used by the villagers for the disposal of garbage for several years.
Judging by the large bottles, maybe a couple of villagers even disitlled their "moonshine" in there...

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