August 30, 2015

Nuclear Weapons Depot S.

This is not a "real" nuclear weapons depot, since there were no actual nuclear warheads stored here.
Nonetheless, this depot was an important part of NATO's strategy of building a line of nuclear deterrents across Europe.
There were three nuclear weapons depots in the northernmost German state; two of those were used to store the actual warheads (one is now being used as storage by local farmers, and a gallery from my visits to the other one can be found here) and this one was used to store the rocket engines that were to propel the warheads onto Soviet airspace in case of nuclear war.
Germany never was a nuclear poswer itself (although some theories and rumors exist that the Nazis had conducted nuclear tests by the end of World War II), but it played an important part in the NATO's nuclear strategy.
So, American-built nuclear warheads and rockets were stored in Germany which were to be launched using German carrier systems.

As I've said, this depot was used for storing engines for nuclear missiles during the Cold War.
Much of the area has been tunred into a wind farm, and the remains of the depot are merely a depot for thrash by now...

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