August 11, 2015

North-Frisian Farm House [Revisit]

About ten weeks after my first visit to the abandoned farm house together with my wife and my mother-in-law, my friend Nordgriller and I decided to pay another visit to this beautiful place as part of a tour along the west coast of Northern Germany. On that particular tour, we also visited an abandoned HAWK site as well as a Special Ammunition Site (a nuclear weapons depot) - so more posts about this particular tour will follow.

It was the first location of the day, and the drive across the beautiful Northern German countryside on a sunny Sunday morning at the beginning of march was fairly uneventful, as was the way onto the site of our location.
Once there, we unpacked our stuff, smoked a cigarette and waited for three more guys that wanted to go on the tour with us.
As soon as they arrived, we made our way into the house, wich was easy because the back door was still unlocked and open wide.
We found that everything was in exactly the same spot and condition as almost three months earlier. It seemed as though no one had been there in the time since. I know that this was not the case because I know of other people who had visited the place in the past - but I was really happy to find everything in its place. It showed me that there are still some people who treat the locations with the proper respect and that are true to the ideals of the hobby!

But before I get too carried away, I'll show you some of the photos I took there that day.
As always, please visit my website for more!

Oh, an important information about the location that I got just a couple of days ago: Apparently all the access ways have been sealed and there is no way to get in.


  1. Das ist Wahnsinn...! Als wollten alle nur kurz weg? Das war alles genau so original dort? Oder habt ihr Blumen, Teddy, etc. Arrangiert? Wenn man das nur so bewahren könnte... Ist das zu kaufen? Schreckliche Vorstellung, dass es zerstört werden könnte. Wenigstens gibts die Fotos! Liebe Grüsse, Miuh

    1. Das war in der Tat alles so. Seit ungefähr 10 Jahren ist dort alles nahezu unberührt.
      Das Grundstück steht samt Haus für ca. 200.000 € zum Verkauf, ist aber einsturzgefährdet. Durch den Denkmalschutz ist eine Sanierung natürlich nur unter Einhaltung entsprechender Auflagen machbar, also nur schwer und unter hohen Kosten zu realisieren. Schwer, da einen Käufer zu finden, und so werden solche schönen Objete einfach nur älter und verfallen...

  2. Oh, sogar einsturzgefährdet! Dann ist das wirklich sehr schwierig und teuer... Schade! Umsomehr sind Deine Fotos Schätze, die so etwas wenigstens in Bildern bewahren!


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