April 24, 2023

Tour Report: School "Heart of the Mountain"

Having started out the day exploring two underground bunker complexes in the morning, it was time for something above ground, and not too far away, we had an abandoned school on our map. The drive only took about ten minutes, and we found a nice parking spot in the shade under some trees which is good around noon on a day in late July :)
Access was really easy - there was no fence around the building, and the door was open. There also was no one around; the school lies on the edge of a small village, and in the heat, most people probably just stayed indoors.
So we entered the building undisturbed and took our time exploring everything.
The main building was in surprisingly good condition - most of the windows were intact (some were boarded up), and even the vandalism was "within limits"!
After we were finished with the main building, we found a few classrooms behind the building. These had apparently been added at a later time and consisted only of thin prefabricated parts.
It was these classrooms that offered beautiful green decay!

Though this was by far no spectacular place, it was a really nice exploration due to the mostly "untouched" condition of the place - and the very calm mood that it transported in the lazy midday heat of a summer day.

To find out about the history of this place and to check out all the photos, click the button below.

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