December 20, 2019

Tour Report: Anti-Aircraft Shooting Range

After exploring the command post bunker, another abandoned military installation was the second destination on the first of two days of our short tour through the northeastern part of Germany back in January of 2018. We had actually planned this spot only for one special relic that we'd seen photos of, but in the course of the research, it turned out to be part of a far larger area with many relics that point to a vivid history over the past century.
As we arrived at the place, we found one thing to be very obvious: fences.
The entire place seemed to be fenced in. And we could see trucks and people working on the premises.
I'm sure that there would have been possibilities to enter the area by sneaking through the forest looking for a hole in the fence, but since at least part of the place seemed to be in use by someone, we decided not to take the risk and attempt a different approach.
We rang the bell at a house near the main gate of the area. A woman opened up, and as we confronted her with our desire to explore the area, she surprisingly said yes - under certain conditions.
She allowed us to walk around in the front part of the premises, if we didn't bother the people working in the back of the place.
Luckily, the permitted part contained the "special relic" that I mentioned above so that the main goal could be achieved.
This special relic are the remains of an old anti-aircraft cannon that probably dates back to World War II, but it could also be a leftover from the use by the East German military; there is no real information.
I addition to the cannon, there were also some smaller buildings and shelters to be found - the main ammunition bunkers remained out of our reach - but we were informed that there might be the possibility of a visit if we ask in time before we get there might be another visit in the future :)

To find out more about the history of this place and to check out all the photos, click the button below.

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