March 21, 2019

Tour Report: Hotel "Atlantis"

This abandoned grand hotel was the grand finale, so to speak, for our tour of three hotels in one day during our summer vacation back in August of 2017.
It was the most promising location for the day, but it was also the farthest to drive to. In light of the potential for truly beautiful decay, however, this was definitely going to be worth it!
As most of the times, we didn't really have a plan what we could expect in terms of security or access possibilities; judging from the amount of photos from this location that you can find on the internet however, we didn't count on too much "resistance".
Finding a spot to park was easy - there is a supermarket near the place that nicely concealed our true intentions for mischief.
We gathered our gear and walked the rest of the way up to the old hotel that waited for us a little hidden behind some trees. There were a lot of tourists walking on the paths along the hotel, but since there was no apparent fence or signs of any kind, we just walked up to the hotel and started looking around. The trees helped because we couldn't be seen from the street while we conducted our search for a way in.
To cut a long story short: We had walked around a long time and were almost ready to cancel the explore when we finally found a way in.
It led through some basements directly into the pool area. We were greeted by warm, humid air, and the pleasant smell of mold filled the room...
From the pool, we made our way through the newer part of the building, which was not as nice in terms of decay, but did still offer some good shots, and from there into the old part of the hotel.
The old part has a lot of wood in its partly half-timbered construction, so during the many years of abandonment, the decay has literally painted the walls and floors in beautiful colors and textures.
We took our time exploring all floors of the building, and the higher we climbed, the more decay we discovered - but more decay means also more danger, so we had to be really careful in some of the higher parts of the place.
Only when the sun was slowly beginning to set, we called it a day, packed our stuff and left the hotel. On the way off the property, a middle-aged couple walked up to us and asked us if we knew anything about the place. We had a nice short talk with them before we went back to the care and drove "home" (i.e. our hotel).

To check out all the photos from this place and to find out about its history, click the button below.

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  1. Sehr schöne Bilder, wie immer! Die Fernsehecke lädt direkt ein! ;o)


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