March 27, 2019

Tour Report: Capacitor Factory G.

The next day of our summer vacation had started. It was a hot day in August of 2017, and we were still a bit exhausted from the ten-hour tour through the mountains of Eastern Germany the day before.
But we were still hungry. Hungry to see more of the beautiful nature of the region - and hungry to explore more abandoned places and breathe the dust of decades past...

As always, we didn't have breakfast in the hotel, but got some coffee and sandwiches at the bakery down the street and quickly were on the way.
Our main target for the day were two industrial ruins located pretty much next to each other in a city about one and a half hours from our hotel.
On the way, we had planned to check out a beautiful castle, but we were disappointed. The place was being renovated and there were workers on the premises. We took a couple of outside shots and enjoyed the warm summer morning for one or two cigarettes in the castle's ample park before getting back on the road.
We arrived at the first location around noon and did a short drive-by just to check the situation. The old capacitor factory lies right at the street near a residential area, so we were going to have to be cautious not to be spotted. Luckily, there was a public parking lot right next to the place - and this parking lot also offered access to the only obvious way into the factory.
It was easier than we had thought. We waited till there was no one in sight, found a hole in the fence and quickly climbed through an open window. We were in.
But as soon as we had settled down and got out the camera, we heard noises. Had we been caught already? No. Only moments later, it became clear that the noises we heard were just two teenagers of  maybe about thirteen or fourteen years playing in the old building.
The two left pretty much right after we had "caught" them - I guess playing around in old buildings isn't as cool anymore if adults also do it ;)

Since we had plenty of time because the next spot was only five minutes away, we took our time exploring the entire place. Due to its exposed location relatively close to the city center, there has been a lot of vandalism, but we did find some really nice decay - and I do like the old industrial architecture!
It had gotten really hot by the time we were done, and after we had climbed out, we decided to drive to the next location, so we didn't have to carry all our stuff back and stay tuned for the tour report from the location down the street!

To check out all the photos from this place and to find out about its history, click the button below.

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