March 31, 2019

Tour Report: Chemical Laundry G.

Only a few minutes down the street from the capacitor factory, we found the remains of another factory. During our planning phase, we had decided to check this one out as well, although it didn't look as promising as the capacitor factory - but if it's this close, who are we to let this explore pass us by?
During the research, I couldn't really find out much about this place. From what I discovered, there were at least two companies active on the premises - but I don't know if it was at the same time (at least for some years) or if one followed the other.
What I know is that at one point this was a factory for fire extinguishing equipment, and later, it was used as a chemical laundry. Both uses were backed up by some finds we made during our explore.

As I've said, it was really hot, so we took the car to transport our gear to the next spot. When we arrived, it was easy to find a spot to park - there are apartment buildings right next door and a parking lot along part of the fence. We chose a parking spot more or less right in front of a big hole in the fence, waited until there were no people in sight, and we slipped in...

The place was nicely overgrown. We had to squeeze ourselves through bushes and trees to get to the buildings. Besides the nature and some rooms with rather nice decay, we didn't find too many interesting sights to see, although we took our time checking out everything we could find without being seen from the office building that's adjacent to the old factory.

But when we were done, we did take the short way out - a quick jump over the fence to the office buildings, a few confused looks from the workers on the parking lot there, and we walked along the street back to the car and drove off :)

To check out all the photos from this place and to find out about its history, click the button below.

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