January 5, 2019

Tour Report: Hotel "The White House" [DK]

This abandoned hotel was the last of four spots my wife and I visited on a tour through Denmark in May of 2017 together with our friends Pixelcracker and Lost Places in Schleswig-Holstein und Umland.
We'd been there once before on the way back home from another tour, but it was late and we hadn't found any access - and there was a light burning on the top floor of the main building...
But let's start at the beginning.
We still had some time left on our tour and we were checking possible locations that wouldn't mean too much of a detour from our way home. This hotel was right en route.
We talked about our first unsuccessful visit there and also took into account that we had been told stories by urbexers from Denmark that the police was keeping a close eye on the spot.
But we decided to give it a try anyway.

Parking was easy. There is a public parking spot right next door, the same one we'd used the first time around. We checked our surroundings to make sure that we weren't under observation by neighbors or other people. As soon as the coast was clear, we quickly went up the driveway and disappeared behind the tall hedges of the hotel.
We first looked around on the premises and checked for access possibilities as well as cameras, security, homeless people etc., but it seemed like everything was quiet.
Just like the first time, we didn't find any way into the main building, but we did find out that the adjacent buildings were unlocked. They contained a lot of hotel rooms, all of which were similar in furniture and layout. There were also some buildings that didn't have any hotel rooms in them and had obviously been used to store trash - so much so, that the original purpose wasn't clear anymore.

Towards the end of our explore, we looked around the main building once more - and we did find an access into the kitchen! Unfortunately, a heavy steel door blocked the way from there to the upper floors, so this was the end of our explore.

Altogether, it was a great tour in very opportune weather with good friends and interesting locations on the way - pretty close to a perfect tour, if you ask me!

To check out all the photos from this place and to find out about its history, click the button below.

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