December 25, 2018

Tour Report: "A House on the Way" [DK]

The second spot on our tour through Denmark in May of last year together with Pixelcracker and Lost Places in Schleswig-Holstein und Umland was a rather unspectacular abandoned house we discovered on the way from the "House Gammel Dansk" to the next location on our list.
It was the typical situation. Someone in the car yells "Wait, that looks abandoned.", and the car comes to a sudden halt with stuff flying from the back to the front.
We quickly found a spot to park and started to walk around the place.
The back door was open, but we were a bit disappointed from what we found. The rooms were mostly empty, and the house itself was no gem, architecturally speaking.
After about fifteen minutes, we got back into the car and left for the next spot.

To check out all the photos of this little place and to find more galleries, click the button below.

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