November 18, 2018

Tour Report: Maison Hotel

This old mansion from the 1860s was another accidental find my wife and I made on our tour through Eastern Germany in May of last year. Similar to "Maison Mouton", we were driving through the lovely countryside and while passing a small village, we stumbled across a beautiful old manor house.
There was a car parked in front and two men carrying materials into the house.
I got out of the car and asked if the house was abandoned and if they are the owners. The younger of the two men answered that he was in fact the owner and that the mansion was only partly abandoned. He was renovating it in an attempt to turn it into a kind of hotel.
I asked if there was the possibility to explore the place and take some photos. He was really nice and said that it would be okay - but only on the next day, because he was about to leave. So we planned to visit the place the following day right after "Maison Mouton".

The next day we arrived as scheduled and found the owner working in the garden. He gave us a short tour of the building and explained that he had bought the mansion in 2011 and has since been renovating everything by himself, buying materials and other things such as doors, window frames etc. all over the world to keep the appearance as close to the original as possible. His plan was to turn parts of the old house into a sort of bed & breakfast. He was finished with psome of the rooms and what we saw was really nice and showed how much effort and love he had put into the place.

In this post, you won't find the renovated roms, because we concentrated on the still abandoned parts of the mansion.
To check out how the building and the rooms look like now, you can visit the mansion's website here.

To find out more about the history of this place and to check out all the photos, click the button below.

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