November 11, 2018

Tour Report: Maison Mouton

This abandoned estate house was an accidental find on a tour through Eastern Germany together with my wife in May of last year.
We were on the way from the Navy Command Bunker to the next location, and on the way I saw a sign for a village whose name I thought might be connected to an abandoned mansion. It turned out that I was mistaken and the village I was thinking of has the same name, but is located in a different part of the state. But we still found an abandoned mansion!
As we were driving through the village, we spotted it. There was another building next to it that had apparently been renovated and there were workers on the premises.
So we parked the car, and I went over to the orange-clad guy and asked him about the old mansion. He said that it was in fact abandoned, but if we wanted to take photos, we'd have to talk to the owner who lived in the renovated building. At that moment, the owner stepped out of the door, and we got the chance to ask her.
She was on the way somewhere, so at that point, there was no chance - but she invited us to come back the next day.
And so we did. We finished our day of exploring with the Professional School K. and headed back to our friend Petra's house for dinner.
The next morning, we had a nice breakfast, and then we drove to the "wrong village with the right name". The owner was expecting us just like we'd promised. Sheep were grazing on the lawn in front of the mansion as the owner led us to the back door, unlocked it and handed us the key.

We took our time walking through the building before we started taking photos. After about two hours, we were done with everything and went back to the owner's house to say goodbye, but she insisted on us having a coffee and showing us what she and (I think) her son-in-law had done with the place. They really had renovated it in a historically accurate style - and they have a huge room full of relics from way back before World War II.
It was a great exploration - not so much because of the location itself, but because it was great to see people trying to rejuvenate the old mansions in the area. And it was great to be reminded that there really are nice people who let us explore their buildings without even knowing anything about us :)

To find out more about the history of this place and to check out all the photos, click the button below.

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