February 24, 2018

Tour Report: Dr. Anna L.

We didn't really have a heightened interest to visit this abandoned doctor's villa that in the German "urbex-scene" is frequently called the "Urbex-Whore" because over the years since it turned up on the photographic radar, almost everyone's had a ride, so to speak.
Whenever photos are posted, a bunch of people start crying  and shouting about how much the urbex-scene has deteriorated over the past years and how everything was better in the good old days five or six or seven years ago...you know, the ususal "urbexer's lament".
Freddy from Nordgriller Urbex and I had decided to try it anyway, because we happened to be relatively close while on a tour together with my wife and my mother-in-law back in November of 2016.
Because the villa was right next to a construction site where another old building was being renovated and there were a lot of construction workers that would definitely see us, the ladies played it careful and decided to go for a cup of coffee while Freddy and I were giong to test our luck.
We hesitated. There was a senior citizen's home nearby and people were coming and going. Cars were passing the villa and parking and leaving again...but the construction workers were in fact our main concern.
At some point, I asked Freddy, who does work in construction, if workers on the construction sites that he knows would care about what people do next door. He said, "No way would they care. The boss would come and yell at them to keep working."
That was it, we climbed over the low fence and walked straight up to the hole in the front door that we had been eyeballing the whole time...

Since we didn't have high expectations due to alle the dissing of this place in the social media, there were no expectations that could be disappointed.
And we weren't disappointed - on the contrary. There was still a wealth of nice photos to shoot. Sure, everything has been vandalized and turned upside down, but if you are looking for cool shots, there's still a lot to see aside from the spectacular stuff that's not there anymore - such as the kidneys in formaldehyde.

Since the ladies were waiting for us, we only spent about one and a half hours in the doctor's villa before we left. it was a visit we definitely did not regret.

To find out more about the history of this creepy ol' place and to check out all the photos, click the button below.

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