August 5, 2017

Tour Report: Spa Hotel B.

It was the morning my wife and I were going to leave the Harz mountains to drive North and visit a friend of ours - and maybe some nice spots on the way.
Walking through town the day before, we had discovered the ruin of an abandoned hotel. Part of this hotel had been burned down and demolished about two years earlier, but the other part was still standing, so we decided to take a look the following morning before we left.
Getting on the premises was easy enough - just jump over the fence. Exploring the pool and spa area and the first couple of rooms was easy as well; there was an open door just by the side of the building.
Getting to the hotel's remaining rooms proved to be the hard part. The way led around the back part of the building which was right next to another road with a parking lot of another hotel. And everyone seemed to be leaving RIGHT THAT MOMENT, so we ducked in the bushes to wait till all those people had left. But they didn't; they just stood around their cars and kept talking. At some point, a couple of people left, but others came out - coffee still in hand...
After about 30 minutes of waiting, my wife didn't want to wait any longer and went back to our car, whereas I got tired of waiting as well, but chose to just be blunt and walk past all the people under the assumption that no one would be bothered if I just acted naturally. And I was right, I reached an open back door unchecked and undisturbed and was able to complete my mission.
Unfortunately, the staircase was in the torn-down part of the hotel, so it's only photos from the first floor...

To find out more about the history of this li'l ol' place and to check out all the photos from this spot, click the button below.

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