August 16, 2014

Order of St. John - The Sanatorium in the Mountains Revisited

On our way back from the medieval castle we decided to pay a quick visit to the abandoned St. John's Sanatorium.
We drove op there, honked the horn and Jens - the caretaker who I mentioned in the report about our first visit - showed up and let us in.
We had a nice talk with him and were given the chance to say hi to a bunch of his beautiful Greenland dogs before we started walking through the sanatorium.
It was like visiting an old friend, it felt strangely familiar.
But it was amazing to see what wind and weather can do to a building in less than a year.

Some of the photos may seem familiar to you. That's because I tried to remember some of the shots I took during our last visit and recreate them. So if you're interested, just check out the posts of the first visit and find out what has changed.

Here are the first couple of photos.


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