April 15, 2014

Home of the Stuka - The Abandoned Airfield (Part 2)

As I've said in the first post about the abandoned airfield, Fokker moved his production facilities to the Netherlands in 1919, and the airfield became quiet.
It was kept as an auxiliary airfield during the 1920s and then expanded to a larger airport in 1932.
In 1934, the still secret "Fighter Group S." was founded here which in April 1935 was renamed to "Sturzkampfgeschwader S." (Dive Bomber Squadron S.). Also in 1935, next to the airport, the facilities of the "Luftzeugamt S." (Aircraft Administration S.) were built, an agency that received aircraft from the factories for the installation of military equipment.
From here, the aircraft were delivered to operational units, schools or support units.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3


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