April 15, 2012

Old Garbage Incineration Plant

Today, I decided to go for a little photo tour to the old garbage incineration plant. It is located near the northeast city limits of Kiel.
I had heard about it before, but it never occurred to me that it would be such a wealth of photo opportunities!
The weather seemed alright around noon, only a little chance of rain, so I took the bus and walked from the bus stop about a quarter mile of road, then across a little field and through some trees and undergrowth, always following the big rusty chimney of the old plant.
It is obviously being used by graffiti artists during the summer, some of the artwork is even from this year.
Anyway, it has been a worthwhile excursion and it has made me want more...who knows, maybe I'll stop by the old brewery or the old hospital soon...

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