April 9, 2012

Playing with Photos. Part 5.

Of course I have been taking photos during the Easter holidays!
The weather wasn't really good, so there weren't a lot of opportunities, but while at my parents' house, the sun came out and i managed to get a couple of nice plant shots:

When I went down to my dad's basement, I stumbled across some tools:

...and for the record: That is not blood!

When I went to work today I thought I'd take the opportunity to take a picture of a tree growing out of a garage wall near where I live. The weather was bleak, so the atmosphere was pretty good.

I am not really brave enough to take pictures of people on the street. I really want to, but I just don't do it and sometimes I hate myself for it. I will do it eventually. One day the tortoise will learn to fly.
Anyway, today I did my first sneak peek photo on the bus:

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