November 19, 2021

Tour Report: Hotel "The Green Mile"

For years, I'd heard about this spot, when in November of 2018, we finally were in the area and decided to pay a visit to this abandoned hotel.

To be quick - due to the condition of the place, our exploration was far less uplifting than we had hoped for. But let's start from the beginning. We had explored an abandoned gravel pit - apparently just in time not to get caught by the security service - and we still had some time left, so we checked our list and saw that there were a few spots pretty close, and we decided to explore the hotel that had been on this list probably for the last five years.

The photos that I had seen displayed the deterioration due to vandalism - but we still had some hopes of finding some furniture and some decay. Our hopes went somewhat downhill when we drove past the building and saw that there was a huge broken window right in the front, which of course is an invitation for every vandal, copper thief and arsonist. Still, we parked our car on the public parking lot right across the street, waited until there was no one walking past and jumped through the broken window.

Upon entering what seeemd to be the reception and/or dining area, we saw that we had set our hopes too high. Apparently, someone had started to clean out the place in preparation for maybe a renovation or even a demolition. The chairs and tables had been stacked up, and as we walked along the corridors, we saw that all the rooms had been almost completely emptied out.

Only a bunch of files were left in the basement - and of course, there were signs of vandalism everywhere. Broken glass, graffiti, the scorched remains of the spa area that had fallen victim to a wasn't a pleasant sight.

The view from the top floor with the swimming pool made it up for us - but only a little bit. It is always sad to see this kind of destruction.

About six months after our visit, I read in the news that the place had been locked down to secure it and start with the construction of around 50 apartment units in the old hotel. If this renovation ever took place - I'm sure I don't know.

To find out about the history of this place and to check out all the photos, click the button below.

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