October 26, 2021

Tour Report: Gravel Pit "Rusty Giants" [Revisit]

Almost exactly two years after we first explored this abandoned gravel pit, we were in the area again, and we decided to go for a revisit. During our first visit, we had overlooked a few things, so we also had the chance to find something that we hadn't found before.

From our first exploration, we remembered that the place seemed to be somewhat of a local recreation area - there had been people walking their dogs, some were jogging and others were just taking a stroll with their family. We had parked right in front of the main gate, and there wasn't any problem - so this was what we expected to find for our second visit.

The weather on this Monday in November of 2018 wasn't too great; it was cloudy with a bit of rain coming down from time to time, so we weren't surprised that we didn't see anyone except us. Just like the first time, we parked right on the parking space next to the front gate, gathered our gear and began our exploration.

I have to admit that I really liked the weather, because the clouds gave a somewhat dramatic look to the large rusty machines. It was a nice atmosphere, and since there was no wind, it was also really quiet. We could hear the sand beneath our feet as we walked along the paths. After a while, we came to a branch of the way that we hadn't taken the first time, and we saw a large hall. The doors were locked, but we found a hole in the rear wall through which we entered.

In the hall, we found some really nice old vehicles that had been used in the operation of the gravel pit - a crawler excavator and two old trucks. They were still in pretty good condition, so there were another couple of photos to be taken here. In the end, we found a few more neat old machines that we hadn't discovered during our first visit, so this was definitely a success!

After we had gotten back to the car and loaded our stuff into the trunk, another car drove up right next to us, and a security guard asked us what we were doing. We told him that we had just arrived and wanted to take a look at the old gravel pit - that was something he really didn't like, and he told us that the place was off limits and we had to leave immediately, which of course we did. He even followed us in his car for about a kilometer to make sure that we were really gone.

I can imagine that not only the danger of people climbing around on the machines and falling down, but also the risk of copper thieves mistaking the operational recycling facility in the back of the area as part of the abandoned place and starting to steal stuff had been the reason to hire security guards who are patrolling the place. Well, we have seen most of it, so we were happy on our way :)

To find out about the history of this place and to check out all the photos, click the button below.

If you like to, you can check out a short video of our explore right here:

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