September 8, 2020

Tour Report: Sanatorium "High Pines" [Revisit]

In terms of decay, this is one of my favorite locations to explore, so it seemed logical to pay another visit to this beautiful place on my birthday tour in 2018. Our friends North Urbex and Lichtbeschatter, who were with us for the weekend, hadn't seen this place before, so it was a new spot to them. Additionally, it wasn't too far from our "home base", so we'd be back in time for barbecue and beer :)

We took the same approach as the first time we were there - find a place to park, and just walk right up to the place. It had worked the first time, and it worked nicely this time as well. We found a parking spot a bit down the street, got our stuff together and walked up to what was once the main path through the park-like surroundings of the old sanatorium.

Since it was the middle of May, the bushes and trees were full of fresh green leaves, so you at first, we couldn't even see the building. Only as we stood almost right in front of it, we could see the majestic half-timbered structure standing between the trees. It was a beautiful sight.

The front door was open - just like the first time - and we started our exploration. The building has been subject to heavy decay, so only the central strairwell and the main corridors are relatively safe to walk on. The half-timbered walls were starting to bulge more and more, and I was under the impression that - after all, our last visit had been almost two years prior to this visit - the floors in some of the rooms were a few centimeters lower than before. One or two rooms at the side of the building had even collapsed completely.

We proceeded with the necessary caution as we made our way up through all the floors until we had seen every accessible room and taken every shot that we wanted. So with a lot of nice shots in our cameras, we went back to the car and got on the way to get ready for the evening program :)

But there was one more location to pay a visit to...

To find out about the history of the place and to check out all the photos, click the button below.

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