September 1, 2020

Tour Report: Hotel "Porphyrite" [Revisit]

Over the past couple of years, it became a tradition for us to celebrate my birthday by exploring a few abandoned places. On my birthday in May 2018, we were accompanied for this tour by our good friends North Urbex and Lichtbeschatter.

We had met the day before at one of our favorite places (actually THE favorite place), and we'd had a great evening with a few more friends as well as beer and barbecue. The next morning, we started with a hearty breakfast, and then we drove off to do some exploring.

Since we didn't want to drive too far, we had opted for two locations that my wife and I had visited before, but that were nice enough to go for a revisit.

The first location that we visited, was an abandoned hotel. My wife and I had visited it about ten weeks before, but at the time, it was raining cats and dogs, so we were happy to get another chance while the sun was shining - and shinig it was; it was the perfect weather for a birthday expploration.

Since my wife and I had been to the place before, we had no trouble finding an inconspicuous place to park, and we knew how to get in. The access was still the same, but it felt a bit more unsafe than the first time, because more of the floors had collapsed and were hanging loosely above us during our entry...

Still, a lot of the place was still in good condition and offered us a lot of nice photo opportunities. Our friend Lichtbeschatter does love detail shots, so it took a bit longer than the first time until we had walked through the entire place, but it was really worth it.

I think that we will be returning at some point to check out how the decay has developed in the two years since our visit - I can't wait :)

To find out about the history of this place and to check out more galleries from abandoned places, click the button below.

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