September 16, 2018

Tour Report: The Inn by the Cemetery [DK]

I had gotten a tip regarding this abandoned inn somewhere in Denmark and I had seen some promising photos of it before, so it was only logical to put it on the schedule for our trip back in April of last year together with Pixelcracker and Lost Places in Schleswig-Holstein und Umland.
It was about a half-hour drive from the first location, and by the time we arrived, the sky had cleared up and had made way for the sun which had been hiding behind clouds the whole time since we left home that morning.
The abandoned old inn is located right next to a cemetery and a church. There was a large public parking lot right next to it, which was used by churchgoers as well as people visiting the cemetery. It also seemed to be a pickup for bus travelers, so there was enough activity for us to not arise any suspicion.
The challenge was that the access which we discovered during our first inspection was perfectly visible from the pretty busy road...
It was only a small window, so we'd have to get in one at a time.
Everytime there was no car coming, one of us climbed in through the window while the others were hiding behind hedges or waiting around the corner.
I'm sure we were more than conspicuous, but somehow we made it in without being seen.
Despite well more than five years of abandonedment, the condition of the place was fantastic. A lot of the interior was still there, and the decay was only slowly beginning to make its way into the building, starting with the rooms on the weather side of the inn.
After about two hours, we had seen everything and we left the building the same way we'd used to get in.
There was another abandoned builduing across the street which we checked out. It obviously belonged to the inn as well, probably as accomodation for the staff. There was no way in at this point, so we got back into the RV and headed for the next location. A few months later, though, we managed to find acces during a revisit of the inn. There was also a cat, but that's a different story ;)

To check out all the photos of this neat little place and to find out about its history, click the button below.

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