September 9, 2018

Tour Report: The House of Chairs [DK]

It was time for a tour through Denmark again in late April of last year. About ten days after our successful exploration of an abandoned Soviet airfield in Eastern Germany, my wife and I met up with our friends Pixelcracker and Lost Places in Schleswig-Holstein und Umland to explore the abandoned parts of the picturesque Danish countryside.
As most of the times when we go touring through Denmark, we met in the parking lot of a large mall in Flensburg near the border early in the morning.
We all climbed aboard Pixelcracker's RV and headed across the border. The Danish government had re-established border controls to prevent refugees to illegally entering the country, which always leaves a stale taste in my mouth  after so many years of crossing European borders unchecked.

Anyway, it was only a short drive from the border to the first location that we had on our list. It was an unremarkable, small house in a small town. Since there weren't too many houses near the place and the Danish people (neighbors) unsually don't seem to be bothered by urbexers, we parked pretty close to the house and gathered our gear.
The back door was open, just like in most of the houses in Denmark that I've visited, and we entered.
There had obviously been a little amount of vandalism, but the general state of the place was still pretty much original. There weren't too many details to be photographed, but the chairs that could be found all over the house did make for some nice pictures.
Due to the lack of documents and such, there was no possibility for me to dig into the history of the place and find out who were the owners and what happened to them. The house appears to have been abandoned for a couple of years, but the electricity was still on...

To check out all the photos of this neat little place and to find more galleries, click the button below.

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