July 23, 2017

Railway Repair Factory M.

On the evening of the fourth day of our summer vacation, my wife and I met up with our friend Lichtbeschatter, who was going to be with us on our urbex tour the next day.
During dinner, we were planning were to go the next day, when my father called and told me that we could keep the car (which we had borrowed from him) for two more days - just in case we'd like to visit a friend up North and explore some more spots. Although not relevant for the next day, this was great, because it extended our vacation and the list of possible locations for the next couple of days.

Anyway, together with Lichtbeschatter, we planned to leave the mountains and drive to a nearby city wich has a huge abandoned railway repair factory which we were goping to visit.
So after dinner and a nightcap (or two...or three...) we all went to sleep.
The next morning, we had a nice long breakfast before we left. The drive to our location took a little over an hour, but once again, the parking situation wasn't too great. It was really hard to find a spot that was close enough to walk (it was VERY hot outside) and yet inconspicuous enough to not be noticed. After all, this wasn't the weekend, and there were people working in the buildings around us.
After we found our parking place, we first did a short walk along the outer fence to look for the opportune way to access the location. We found a relatively hidden part where we could jump the fence, and we did.
We had to walk through a bunch of bushes and high-growing weeds, but then we were there, standing in front of a large factory hall. We found an entrance right away, and for me, the sight was breathtaking. I really dig those large halls made out of steel, concrete, bricks and glass. This one was really special - not only because we were completely alone, but also because the sun was just right to make a nice morning glow that was just a little foggy in parts - perfect for this place which has been overgrown with plants over the years and turned into a jungle.

The factory area is huge. We were there for about five or six hours and I'm sure that we didn't see half of it. But time was scarce and we wanted to check out some more spots on the way back, so we went back out the way we came, loaded our stuff in the car and drove off to our next adventure ;)

To find out more about the history of this li'l ol' place and to check out all the photos from this spot, click the button below.

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