July 22, 2017

Children's Hospital M.

After the psychiatric hospital, my wife and I had one more abandoned healthcare institution to visit on our fourth day of summer vacation last year.
Finding a place to park proved difficult. The old hospital ist located in a forest with no accessible road, and the main road had no place to park.
The next village was too far away to be walking. After a little strategic meeting, we decided to park on a field next to some nearby houses. We hoped that no one would see us or if they did, become suspicious.
We packed our stuff and walked up to the fence that blocked the long hospital driveway. There was a door in the fence, and naturally I tried to open it which I naturally didn't think would work - but it did! The door was open, so we were on the premises.
After a short walk, we spotted a house standing by the side of the road. It kindof looked like it was still somewhat under construction, but new-looking recycling cans and some tools lying around had us think that something was afoot.
Afer a while of discussing if we should proceed, we did decide to keep going. We gave the house a wide berth as well as we could and soon disappeared behind some bushed. A little further down the way, we finally arrived at the old hospital.
The front door was open, so access was in this case no problem.
I think that the remote location and the fence did their job in keeping vandals and graffiiti artists out most of the time, so although there is almost nothing left that gives proof of the former use, there is still some nice decay to look at.
After finishing our walkthrough, we left on the way that we came in on, and there still wasn't any sign of activity - and our car was unharmed as well.
With a lot of impressions in our head, we headed back to our hotel to get ready for a nice dinner to end a great day of exploring.

To find out more about the history of this li'l ol' place and to check out all the photos from this spot, click the button below.

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