February 7, 2017

Hospital M.

On a Sunday two weeks after my spontaneous urbex tour to Eastern Germany in April of last year, my wife and I were in the mood for a short tour near our hometown, and we decided to give the old abandoned hospital another try.
I had been there twice before and never found a way in. I had known that there had been guys in there taking photos, but no further photos have surfaced since then. The hole place had been secured after a fire had broken out.
Maybe there was no chance of getting in.
While we were there and already kind of desperate for not finding a way in yet again, we noticed someone else sneaking around the place from the outside. At some point, we ran right into eath other and he turned out to be a fellow explorer from around my hometown as well.
We talked a little and he said he had heard of a certain access point but wasn't able to find it. When he described it, I knew exactly what he was talking about, so we went to check it out.
The access was right where he said it was supposed to be. Really well hidden and really hard to spot - but we were in.
And this was the beeinning of our first tour together with Lost Places in Schleswig-Holstein und Umland. Many more were to follow.
The hospital was really big, and there were a lot of doors still locked, so we didn't see everything this first time, but we were going to be back...

To find out more about the history of this abandoned hospital and to check out all the photos from this really cool place, click the button below.

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