February 18, 2017

Eye Clinic N.

We still had some time and a lot of daylight left when we were finished exploring the old clinic, so we decided to check out another location that was not too far from the first spot.
The object in question used to be a hotel which in its final years was reused as a luxurious eye-clinic.
We found a public parking lot not too far away and walked the rest of the way.
If it hadn't been too overgrown, the place could have been (and probably was) a really nice lakeview property, but now it's only a rotting corpse inside an ever-growing forest.
We could've taken the easy way in, but there were just too many people walking around or driving their bikes enjoying the sun, and we decided to take the less obvious way.
We took the path everyone else was using and at some point, disappeared into the bushes. From there, it was only a short walk until we reached the location.
The door was open, so we were in and out of sight in no time.
The abandoned clinic itself was pretty unspectacular. The most notable feature were huge black spiders that were sitting in almost every corner, so in spite of the warm weather, everone had put on their hoods - just in case...
I could very well imagne this being a small, exclusive hotel, but in the end, nothing is left of former glories...

To find out more about the history of this abandoned clinic/hotel and to check out all the photos from this relatively unspectacular place, click the button below.

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