January 27, 2017

Railway Repair Factory H.

After  I was finished exploring the abandoned slaughterhouse, I moved on to the next spot that I'd planned - an abandoned factory that used to repair trains of the Deutsche Reichsbahn, the East German national railway company.
I had tried to visit this spot together with my wife a year earlier, but there were workers in some of the buildings and there was a security post inside a container by the main gate, so we decided not to take the risk.
This time however, there were no workers, and the guy I'd met in the slaughterhouse had given me some valuable information regarding the said security guard and the way to get in.
The way he had recommended was really comfortable, and I was inside in no time.
Although some of the buildings that made up the factory ave already been demolished, there are still 10 interconnected halls left that made for a couple of nice shots.
I was completely alone, so I had all the time in the world to explore the entire facility before exiting on the other end and looking right at the third spot that I wanted to visit.

To find out more about the history of this industrial ruin and to check out all the photos from this amazing place, click the button below.

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