January 9, 2017

Operation "Easter Basket" - Maison Nutcracker

After going for a quick visit of the abandoned technical museum, we only had one location left to visit before finally heading home. It's been generally called the Nutcracker House and is located somewhere in the woods of North Rhine-Westfalia.
At least the parking spot was kind of on the way, but there was a pretty long walk ahead of us. And most of it was uphill...
We first passed some houses where people were obvioulsy having a party. We could smell barbeque and hear them talking. At the end of the street, we found the path into the woods. This path soon turned into a really cool hollow way full of leaves from the last fall and with old trees lining both sides.

The path seemed to go on forever, and since we didn't know the exact coordinates of the place we were looking for, we started to doubt if we would ever find it.
Just then, we passed a field on our left side, and at the end of this field, we could see an abandoned house with crumbling walls looking at us through the trees.
The rest was easy - the back door was open.

Although the house was relatively small, we spent a considerable amount of time in there. There were so many details. It was the perfect finale for a great tour!

To find out more about the history of this house and to check out all the photos from this place, click the button below.


  1. So komplett eingerichtet... und mit Getränken, da will man doch glatt ne Woche Urlaub draus machen. ;o)

  2. Dieses Haus ist der Wahnsinn! So schön hinterlassen, als wäre erst gestern (vor ein paar Jahren) jemand nur raus zur Arbeit oder kurz zu Freunden... Schön, wenn es anscheinend so versteckt ist, oder respektvoll behandelt wird, dass niemand etwas klaut oder zerstört! Liebe Grüsse, Miuh


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