December 17, 2016

Operation "Easter Basket" - University E.

On the way back from the Trauma Clinic, we made a short stop at an abandoned British military base in the area, because Freddy and Elmar hadn't been there yet.
We quickly checked out the two churches and the movie theater and then left, because it was getting dark. I didn't taken any photos there, because I had previously been there.
The next day was the day to go home. Elmar had a train ticket, and we were going to take the car. But not before a couple of explores in the morning.
Our first stop was an abandoned university building that we had seen some really nice pictures of, and it was pretty close to our hotel, so why not check it out.
We drove there, found a parking spot and started looking for a way on the premises. It was harder than we had thought; the fence was pretty tight, and there was no way to get over it. After some looking around, we found a way over the old railway tracks behind the building.
That was it, though. There was no way to get into the building. it looked like every new crack in a window, every open door is sealed right away to prevent vandalism.
So we didn't get lucky there, but we still had the option of taking a look at the university's greenhouses which were right next to the main building.
So we went over there, the door was open. We took a couple of shots and then left for our next spot.

To find out more about the history of this place and to check out all the photos from this location, click the button below.

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