September 4, 2016

Soviet Garrison R.

After two spots and some distance between the two, the sun was beginning to set, so there really wasn't enough time left for Freddy and me to explore another location far away from the old airfield. We had to settle for something a little closer by, and fortunately, there was a place only 15 minutes or so away.
It was a nice addition to the airfield, because it was the Soviet garrison that housed the soldiers that were stationed there.
It was an easy spot to get in. I don't even think that the access is in any way forbidden, because there are no fences or signs of any kind. We drove right up to the buildings. It was a short way through the forest that has been growing thicker and thicker over the past 20 years or more since the Soviets left Germany.
The way into the buildings was easy as well. All doors have been taken, and there are hardly any windows left. The local teens and vandals have been busy in this place. You can find a lot of graffiti and there are hardly any signs of the buildings' former function left.

After a few shots, the light started to fade, and so Freddy and I concluded our last tour of 2015 after two days and six locations.

To find out more about the history of this place and to check out all the photos from this nice spot, click the button below.

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