September 18, 2016

Nuclear Weapons Depot K. - New Year's Eve

I am pretty far behind with my tour reports. That's why the report from our traditional New Year's Eve tour is about 9 months late...
Just like the Christmas tour, the New Year's Eve tour has become a tradition for the last couple of years. The abandoned nuclear weapons depot about 60 kilomters from my home has become the location of choice for us. There are no people and almost no light pollution, so it's perfect to try some light paining. Also, due to the nature of the place, there is a lot of concrete, so you can play around with burning steel wool and not have to worry that anything (except yourself, of course) can catch on fire.
Anyway, the last New Years Eve was no different. We packed our stuff in the car (next to the usual urbex/lightpaining/camera gear, the equipment includes some New-Year's-Eve-stuff such as sparkling wine, caviar and salmon toast) and headed West to the location. My wife and I were accompanied by her brother and his girlfriend.
Once we had arrived at the perimeter of the depot, we parked the car at the barrier and walked the rest of the way. The rest of the way is an almost 20-30 minute walk through a very dark forest.
When we got there, we set up our "camp" in one of the large shelters, had some food and drink and started our lightpaining session.
I really like playing with fireworks and long-time exposures, but the photos I like most are the ones with a lot of smoke and shadows of people...

To find out more about the history of this place and to check out all the photos from this cold war relic, click the button below.

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