March 12, 2016

Mill Works H.

The next day, my wife and I drove north from our hotel to another city that offered some nice spots.
The weather was great, but we got into traffic trouble again, because this city was also conducting massive construction to improve the traffic situation. Which led to a traffic situation.
Anywhere we took a turn towards or destination, we found ourselves stopped by another construction site.
After what felt like forever, we found a parking place, but we had to walk a while before reaching the spot.
For our first location, we had chosen an old mill whose buildings date back in part as far as 1720.
The area is pretty large, and there were two fences to be conquered.
The first was a normal construction fence. We found a way past a transformer box and got through without any trouble. Then we went along the second fence until we found a hole and slipped through. We started taking photos from the outside of the buildings right away. After about a half hour, a man with a large dog came from the forest in the far corner of the property. He walked past us but kept his distance, so we kept taking photos. It looked as if he went to the main gate and checked the fence to see if we had broken anything - which we hadn't.
On his way back, he stopped and looked at us, but dind't make any attempts to chase us off the property or even talk to us. So I decided to act and took a few steps towards him (but was still aome meters away from him) and said that we were tourists from the North and couldn't walk past this beautiful ruin without....I was interrupted by the dog starting to bark furiously. The man told the dog to shut up and only said "Dont't worry, he only bites the ones that are guilty...". Then he left and went back into the forest...

We decided to keep taking photos in spite of the somewhat spooky encounter. So we explored the area, took photos inside the old mill building, and when we went on towards the next building, we saw two men with a car that were loading equipment which they were getting out of the factory owner's villa. We went past them and gave them a friendly "Hello!" to which they replied equally friendly. We were mostly done taking our photos, only the villa remained, and we didn't want to go in while there were still these guys inside. So we decided to plan the next location after the mill. At some point, one of the guys came over and asked us if we were waiting for someone. I explained that we were looking where to go next. He asked if we had planned to check out the villa to which I replied that we in fact had. He warned us about some of the floors and stairs but didn't make an attempt to stop us. We kept talking for a while and i turned out that he and his colleague were structural engineers who were checking the stability of the building for a potential buyer.
Before they left, the guy asked us if we had seen the man with the dog, and we told him about our encounter.
He only said "Oh. You were lucky.".

To find out more about the history of this industrial ruin and to check out all the photos from this great spot, click the button below.

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  1. Die freistehende Fassade vor blauem Himmel sieht besonders beeindruckend aus...
    ...Disco! ;o)


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