March 4, 2016

Cosmetics Factory Z.

The first day in that little town in Eastern Germany had offered some nice locations, sunny weather and some rain toward the end, but had been a great success in terms of locations.
We knew that there were many more spots waiting to be explored in that area, so my wiffe and I decided to come back the next day and keep on exploring.
So we did.
The traffic was once again terrible - the entire city center was ac onstruction site which meant we had to go on an adventure through unknown territory once again without a working GPS...
But we managed to get through the city and find a spot to park, but we had to walk a for a bit....and most of that uphill....
Anyway, we got to the first location, and there was a pretty nice way in, but that meant to walk past a house on the premises of the old factory that looked like someone was living there.
After a couple of minutes of considering the pros and cons, we decided to just walk past it, and it worked. We were in.
The factory itself wasn't too spectacular, but we were alone the entire time and had a nice quiet explore.

To find out more about the history of this abandoned factory and to check out all the photos from this great little spot, click the button below.

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  1. Immer wieder interessant, wenn zerbrechliche Dinge wie Flaschen ├╝berleben... ;o)


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