June 14, 2014

One of a Kind - Abandoned Railyard

I had been warned about this location - I was told that it's patrolled by security guards and police because of the drug dealers that are supposed to go about their business here, I have even heard about sex offenders lurking in the area.
And I was told about huge amounts of trash that are supposed to be lying around.
It was the second choice location after the first location dind't work out, and we were really surprised to find it in pretty good shape.

No drug dealers around, but the area was swarming with other people. Geocachers, a couple of twentysomethings with soft-air guns, photographers and two (I think) fashion blogging girls of about 14 years that were climbing around in the debris in ballerina shoes...

The train station next to this railyard was opened in 1893, and in the same year the older of the two enginehouses was built.
This enginehouse is one of only two enginehouses with a dome roof left in Germany. This particular construction allowed locomotives to be stored and repaired the whole year, because there was much less risk of the turntable freezing during the winter.
This enginehouse has a total of 24 tracks.

Once there were more than 20 of these architecturally interesting buildings in Germany, Russia, Poland and Luxembourg, but when the advances in techology made the steam engines stronger and bigger, it turned out that these enginehouses are considerably harder to expand than traditional enginhouses, which eventually led to their end.

Here are the first couple of photos from this truly unique and spectacular place.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3


  1. einzigartig!!!! soooooooo schönnnnnnnn... ich glaube das ist genau der ort, wo ich schon ewig mal hinwollte. ich hab es schon oft gesehen, wenn ich mit dem zug richtung berlin war! aber wusste nie, wie man dahin kommt, geschweige denn, dass es so gefährlich sein soll ;)
    es ist so ein wunderschönes gebäude!!!! tolle fotos :)

    1. Kann gut sein, dass es der Ort ist - aber wie ich schrieb: Es gibt noch einen weiteren Rundlokschuppen mit Kuppeldach in Deutschland...und so weit weg von diesem ist der auch nicht ;)


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