June 23, 2013

Lost Car Reclaimed by Nature

In the fields surrounding the Derelict Brick Factory, I also found an old car.
Of course, cars aren't traditional "Lost Places", but there is a similar fascination to me because of the dacay that's going on.
Also - just like nearby red brick building - this former furniture truck is being reclaimed by nature. There are actually trees growing through it.
From the print on the truck, I managed to find out that it used to belong to a company called Hintze & Stech (Link). This company was founded in Lübeck in 1891 and still exists today.
Now, of course the car isn't as old as the company and I didn't manage to find out the brand, but from the looks of it, the car was left there sometime in the late 60s or early 70s - perhaps after the big fire in the brick factory in 1968.
I am actually thinking of contacting the company and asking them if they're missing a car :)


  1. Beeindruckend! Nun hat es sich die Natur in dem Laster gemütlich gemacht. Super Bilder! Klasse.
    Liebe Grüsse Babs

    1. Vielen Dank :)
      Gerade diese Rückeroberung durch die Natur fasziniert mich. Stück für Stück werden von Menschenhand geschaffene Dinge wieder "abgebaut", bis sie eines Tages nur noch eine Ahnung sind :)


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