March 29, 2013

Abandoned Railway Depot

Today, in spite of the grey and snowy weather, my wife and I took a little trip to check out some locations.
Unfortunately, most of them we were not able to gain access to, but short before the end of our tour, we found this little Lost Place: An abandoned railway depot.
From what I found this depot was used to transfer goods from one train to another. For example, the Lego Company had a factory not too far, and from some scribblings on the wood above the gates I could see where the Lego cars were unloaded.
Anyway, this depot has been stripped down, there's not much left and nature is taking the thing back piece by piece. Obviously, the adjoining rooms have been used (or are still being used) as sleeping quarters by some less than fortunate people.



  1. Tolle Bilder!!! Ist das in Neumünster?
    Lg, Nicole

    1. Hey, danke Dir!
      Locations gebe ich sehr ungerne öffentlich preis, wenn sie nicht schon vollständig gerockt, gesprayt und kabelgebdiebt wurden ;)
      Aber Du kannst mir gerne eine Email schicken (siehe Impressum), dann helfe ich auch gerne weiter.


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