May 5, 2024

Tour Report: Finowfurt Aviation Museum

Our November 2019 vacation was in full swing. After we had finished exploring the ruins of the "Stasi Hotel", we used the rest of the day to pay a visit to the Finowfurt Aviation Museum (Official Website). It was already the end of November, so the days were already getting quite short and we limited ourselves to short drives in order to have enough time for photos.
The former Eberswalde-Finow airfield was only about 50 kilometers and a 45-minute drive away, so there should at least be time for a short tour.
When we arrived, we were worried whether we would even get the chance to look around - there were no cars in the parking lot, the ticket booth was unoccupied and there was no one to be seen for miles around. Of course, the peak season was long gone and it's unlikely that anyone would stray into this region on a rainy and windy November afternoon.
Although we didn't see anyone, we walked onto the grounds and actually saw a sign pointing the way into one of the buildings to buy a ticket.
The museum employee present was actually a little surprised that someone had come by. There was no one else on site either, so he apologized for not being able to offer a guided tour - but he offered us a coffee instead, which we gratefully accepted given the cold weather.
Apart from the weather, it was really nice to walk through the exhibitions completely alone. We were able to see everything at our leisure and were only limited by the fading daylight. At the end of our tour, we took a look at the exhibition in the administration building.
All in all, the museum operators have really done a great job. Both the airplanes and the vehicles as well as the other exhibits (such as the engine of a V-2 rocket) have been lovingly restored and are well preserved. The historical background is explained and emphasized in many places, so that you get a very good view not only of the history of the airfield, but of the Cold War in Germany as a whole.
I recommend a visit to this museum to anyone traveling in the region - it's really worth it!

To find out about the history of the place and to check out all the photos, click the button below.

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