January 31, 2023

Tour Report: Sanatorium "Hydro"

It was a beautiful, warm day in May of 2019, and we met up with our friend North Urbex for a short tour of the beautiful mountains in Germany. The first part of our excursion took us to an abandoned sanatorium in a well-known spa town. Since we're always keen not to arise any suspicion, we didn't want to park right in front of the place, and looking at the map, there weren't too many possible parking spots near the location, so we decided to take the long way.

We parked about two kilometers away near the woods and had to walk for about twenty minutes until we arrived at the location. It was sunny and warm, and the springtime had taken care of a beautiful green and colorful flowers all around us, so it was a really nice walk.

Once we were at the sanatorium, getting in wasn't too hard. We just had to walk along the fence until we found an opening. Then across the small park and around the building - there was an open door. The smell of mold and humidity was oozing toward us and made us hope for various stages of decay.

We weren't disappointed. Although the vandals have had their go at the building and its interior, nature had done a beautiful job painting the place in beautiful colors. The windows were partly boarded up, and the vegetation around the building had grown pretty tall, so it was fairly dark inside, which added to the mysterious atmosphere.

We had the whole place completely to ourselves, and we took our time exploring every single room. This was one of these locations, where you really have to check everywhere to get to the good parts. There were even some instruments left, and a few rooms looked really nice - decorated, but nice! When we were finished, we walked back to the car and headed to the next spot.

To find out about the history of this place and to check out all the photos, click the button below.

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