April 23, 2022

Tour Report: Farmhouse "Autumn Leaves"

To finish off our day of exploring in Denmark in January of 2019, we had planned to check out an abandoned farmhouse. I had only been given a rough location where to find it. We drove around for a while until we spotted the house in a small forest far behind the tree line. We parked the car in a side road after the next intersection and walked back.

There was no recognizable driveway or path to the house, so we jumped over the roadside ditch and walked through the trees and made our way through the undergrowth until we got to the house. It was a small classical four-sided courtyard with living quarters, barns and workshops around it. We walked through the small gate and looked around. The barns had already partly collapsed, and some had been used as a dump for thrash by people from the neighborhood. As we entered the house, we were a bit disappointed at first, because there wasn't really much left, but we did find some really nice old furniture in various stages of decay. Except for the trash in the barns, there was no vandalism or graffiti, only decay, so in spite of the rather small amount of photo scenes, we enjoyed exploring this place.

Because it was a small place, it was only a short explore, but with this neat little place, we now had three new locations on our checklist, so it had been a pretty successful day, and we were very content driving home. It was also our last trip to Denmark for the next seven months, and guess where we went when we returned in the summer...

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