March 12, 2022

Tour Report: Iron Ore Mine B.

Our last excursion in 2018 took us to the remains of an abandoned iron ore mine in the Harz Mountains in Germany. We had once walked around the place about three years before, but at the time decided to call it a day because we were in danger of being eaten alive by an army of mosquitos.

So around noon on New Year's Eve, we decided that the risk of encountering a similar amount of insects was fairly small and gave it another try.

The actual mine has been turned into a show mine, but the  above-ground operating facilities, along with the imposing colliery house, that were used as a vacation home during the final years of the GDR, are now abandoned and are easily accessible.

The day had started out really sunny, but as we drove to the mine, clouds started filling the sky, and the temperature began dropping. As we arrived at the parking lot of the show mine, the sun had completely disappeared behind a gray veil of clouds. It was only a short walk to the abandoned buildings, but on the way, a thick mist started creeping from the trees across the fields towards the houses...

The fog got thicker during our exploration, and this really was the first time that I saw fog creeping into a building through the windows and filling the rooms. It was an amazing sight, and I am glad that I managed to get a few shots of it.

Although this is one of the less spectacular locations that you can visit in the area, the fog and the absolute silence that came with it on this final day of the year made this exploration really special.

To find out about the history of this place and to check out all the photos, click the button below.

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