April 10, 2021

Tour Report: Soviet Airfield "Hypericum"

During our summer vacation in 2018, we had planned a day of touring together with our dear friend Torsten from North Urbex. Due to the distance (he lives about 250 kilometers away) and frequent on-call-duty on his side, we rarely get the chance for a meeting - but in this case, it all worked out really nicely, although Torsten had to drive a bit farther to meet up with us.

At the time, we were staying in a nice little hotel south of Berlin, and we had planned to explore some of the Soviet relics in the area, so we met with Torsten in the morning after breakfast to plan our exploration. The first spot that we had on our list was an abandoned nuclear weapons depot that had been used by the Soviet Army until the early 1990s. We drove for about an hour to get there. 

The depot is located near a former Soviet airfield and couldn't be reached by car, so we had to park somewhere on the abandoned airfield. We found a place near one of the airplane shelters, and we had to walk a few kilometers to get to the weapons storage bunkers. The path that we had chosen led us right across the airfield's garrison, so we decided to take a quick peek in one or two of the buildings. It was only a short stop on the way, as we were on a relatively tight timetable for the other location that we had planned to visit, so we only took a few photos of the airplane shelters and inside one of the buildings before following the path towards the nuclear weapons depot.

Here are a few photos we took of the airfield's/garrison's remains. To find out about the history of this airfield, click the button below.

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