July 15, 2020

Tour Report: Sanatorium Supra

This is something you don't see everyday. Following a tip from a local, we drove to a town that is very well-known for having a lot of sanatoriums - abandoned and not abandoned.
There was one abandoned sanatorium that we hadn't explored yet, and it was kind of our destination.
We parked the car on a public parking space that wasn't too far away. It was still raining, and I decided to go for a short walk to get a quick look in the sanatorium. It really wasn't worth to take photos. I went through the entire building - it was completely vandalized, and a lot of trash was lying around on the floors. There was no reason for me to take out the camera.
But as I've said - the sanatorium wasn't the goal of this trip. The real destination was the fairly new small heating plant right next to it.
Someone had obviously used it to store some old cars inside it - and these were the reason for us to drop by.
We found two Toyota Supra and one BMW Series 02.
All three cars were in pretty good shape, taking into account that the door had been open for quite some time.
The three cars took up much of the free space in the heating plant, so it was a bit hard to get the photos. This - and the fact that there was a lot of traffic right outside the door - is the reason that I only have the photos you find see in this post.

There is no historical information regarding the cars; but I know that they have been removed at some point late in 2018. The sanatorium next door burned down only two weeks after our visit.

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