September 17, 2019

Tour Report: Soviet Communications Bunker

As I've announced in my last post, there was more to the Soviet garrison than the garrison itself. A bit detached from the main area we discovered a rather large bunker.
It was a communications bunker that had nothing to do with the main garrison, but was a completely different location.
The Soviets had their bases separated into various sectors with different secrecy and security levels. The system was so effective that soldiers working in one sector never knew what was going on in the other sectors. This enabled the Soviets to have facilities of different security clearance in relative proximity to each other and using the same infrastructure.
This particular bunker was one of the main hubs for communication of the Soviet army in Germany with the command in Moscow and has an effective surface area of almost 800 square meters.

To reach the bunker, we had to stray a bit off course and walk for a while until we reached the main entrance. It had been filled in with sand to seal it at some point, but of course, someone had burrowed through and made a way in.
We had to crawl a little, but we found the bunker in pretty good condition. Of course, copper thieves had been at work here, but the overall state of the bunker really was okay. It was a really cool place to explore, and I do hope for the opportunity of a revisit sometime soon!

To find out more about the history of this place and to check out all the photos, click the button below.

Here's a short video we made during our explore of this interesting relic from the cold war:

And here are some of the photos I took. Remember, it was completely dark so we had to work with flashlights :)

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