August 10, 2019

Tour Report: Farmhouse "Danish Dynamite" [Revisit]

Only a short while after my first visit to this place, I got the chance for a short revisit. My niece worked for a German radio station at the time, and they had her do a short piece about urban exploring. So we drove up to Denmark, so I could show her the abandoned house that we had discovered a few weeks earlier.
My niece had been on tour with us once before, so she wasn't completely new to the hobby of urban exploration. We parked in the same spot where we had parked for our last visit, walked around the house, and the window was still open.
My niece was recording everything, asking questions and describing what we were seeing.
We started with the house itself and then made our way into the barn. There were actually a few shots that I'd missed the first time around, and the light was pretty good as well.
After about an hour, we climbed out again.
On the way to the car, we noticed that a neighbor was standing in front of his house and looking at us. We thought that this was a unique chance to get a little extra for the radio, and walked over to him.
We introduced ourselves, and he told us that he had seen us walking around the old house. Apparently, he had no problem with this, and he even agreed to tell us a little bit about the story of the house we'd just explored. Since he spoke German, that was a really nice addition for the recording.
When we were finished, we packed up and headed back home.

To check out all the photos from this magnificent place and to find out about its history, click the button below.

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