June 15, 2019

Tour Report: Knight's Manor W. [Revisti]

It must have been be the mountain air. Or maybe the relaxation that set in as soon as we had set foot in the camp the afternoon before. We'd had a lot to drink, but Pixelcracker and I managed to get up on time the next morning, have coffee and breakfast and still be on time to meet with the lady that was going to unlock an old abandoned mansion for us that we'd planned to explore that morning...
The weather hadn't played along. As we pulled up to the parking spot, it started raining a little. This rain was going to stay with us for the remainder of the tour.
That morning, it started out only a little, and we still had hopes that it would clear. We met the lady, who was a bit surprised to see me again only two months after my last visit there.
She didn't want to come back later to let us back out, so she left the key with us and told us to lock the gate and throw the key in the mailbox when we left.
We really took our time getting all the photos we wanted. That's the really good part about legal visits: You have all the time in the world, don't have to be afraid of getting caught and you can go outside from time to time and smoke a cigarette :)
I took the opportunity to shoot some angles that I'd missed the first time and I took some time just to wander around in the building without the camera.
After about two and a half hours, we were done taking photos, so we left the old manor house, locked the door and the main gate, threw the key in the mailbox as instructed and walked back to the car.
The rain had gotten a bit stronger, but there were more places to explore...

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