August 18, 2018

Tour Report: Police Shooting Range

We didn't really know what to expect from this location. I had discovered a peculiar structure looking over a certain area using Google Earth while having a closer look at the surroundings of a hidden underground bunker of the East German Secret Police (StaSi). I did some more research about the structure in the woods about two kilometers away from the bunker, and I discovered that the area was operated not by the Secret Police (which was subordinated to the Ministry of State Security/MfS), but by the Ministry for the Interior (MdI).
Upon arrival, we found a parking space by the side of the road and went straight into the woods. We passed a dog training field which we couldn't date - although it it quite probable that it had been used as such by the East German police as well.
As we reached the part of the area with the strange structures, it turned out to be an overgrown shooting range, complete with most of the corresponding buildings and a huge sand bullet trap. There was even a straight tube buried in the ground along the entire length that was probably used for pistol training.

Although there was not much to see, this was a really cool discovery since we hadn't expected this at all.

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