January 20, 2018

Tour Report: Farmhouse R.

On the way to our next location, my friend Nordgriller Urbex and I passed this abandoned farmhouse. It was that typical moment where one looks at the other and says "Did you see that, too?", and you start looking for a place to turn the car around.
We parked the car on the field next to the house and started looking around. There are buildings that look like they're being used, but the farmhouse was definitely abandoned, so we went in to check it out.
It wasn't really spectacular. Mostly empty rooms and no furniture or tools of any kind left. But what made this location worthwile was the fantastic light that the winter sun cast into some of the rooms.
So we did get some nice shots before hitting the road again. It was already early afternoon, so we had to make haste to get to the next spot to have enough daylight left...

For all the photos from this neat li'l spot, click the button below.

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