November 15, 2016

Pharmaceutical Company B. [Revisit]

Almost two and a half years after our first visit to this really cool location, my wife and I got the chance for a revisit at the end of February of this year.
My brother had gotten married and the celebration was scheduled for the afternoon of a cold but sunny day about a week after our last tour. I had arrived the night before by train, coming straight from a three-day business trip, and my wife had hitched a ride in the car with my parents, so I had asked her to bring all my tour equipment with her so we'd have at least the chance to go for a tour.
On Friday evening, we sat together with my parents and we decided to get up early and try for a revisit of the pharmaceutical factory.
The location wasn't too far, so we were able to squeeze the visit in our time table.
We got up really early, took the subway and walked the rest of the way. The access we had taken two years before wasn't there anymore, so we had to look for another way in. I always prefer the direct route, so we just walked along the fence until we got to a pile of stuff that gave us the opportunity to just climb over the gate. Easy. Or so we thought.
We tried to find the buildings that we hadn't checked out the last time we were there, but since a lot of the older buildings have been demolished since, we were having trouble to find our way. The first building we found was new to us, so we took our time there. The secon building we already knew, but it was nice noetheless, because the first time, it had been raining, and this time, it was a nice sunny morning, and it was interesting to see what how different - or not - everything looked.

As we entered the third building, we saw a white car pulling up.
Someone got out, but we couldn't see were he was going. We kept really still and waitet for him to leave, but he wouldn't. And we didn't see or hear him either.
After about thirty minutes, we decided to just keep going. We finished up the third building and went out to see where to go next.
As we looked out of the door, we saw workers on the premises. They were standing by the huilding right next to the one we just left.
We waited for them to look the other way and then ran around the corner to safety. As we caught our breath, a car came along the road past us, so we jumped right into a small transformer house to hide. It worked, we got out again and quietly went back the way we came. When my wife noticed more workers that possibly saw us, I just said, I don't care, and we more or less openly ran towards the fence and climbed out the way we came.
Except for the unexpected exercise, this tour was everything we had hoped for. I'm glad that we had the chance to see this place once again before it is completely gone.

To find out more about the history of this chemical ruin and to check out all the photos from this amazing spot, click the button below.

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